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Supplies for Students

The FCU Team powered by Shell FCU has kicked off their yearly Supplies for Students drive, a school supply drive benefiting seven different schools throughout our community.


Financial Aid 101

FREE MONEY!!! Now that I have your attention let’s talk paying for college. I know you probably just graduated from high school or considering going to college after that “one year break,” but college isn’t cheap, luckily there is help available. Here are the first steps you should take when applying for financial aid and other low-cost sources.


Summer 2014

Ok so you’ve been patiently waiting all year long and it’s finally here……SUMMER 2014!!! This summer you will enjoy going on fancy vacations, going to amazing parties that last all night and driving all over the city without a care in the world. Well we can dream right?


Student Choice Lending

Shell FCU now offers a pay for you to fun your college education! The Credit Union Student Choice Program was created to help students finance a higher education without a higher price tag.


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Finanical Hook Up!

Get in the know with iLife’s Financial Hook Up. Have a question or want to know more information about something specific? Click on any section below to learn more.


SavingSaving is usually the first step in any future plans you have in life. You save for a car, college, a house, kids, etc. It is the most basic essential tool we need throughout life. Everyone saves; even millionaires need to save their money. So where do we start?Click to learn more, watch videos, and take our quiz!


CheckingChecking accounts are where all the fun happens. This is where you get to spend your money, and pay your bills. There is usually never a steady amount of money because cash is going in and coming out frequently. Click to learn more, watch videos, and take our quiz!


BudgetingBudgeting is a simple process of arithmetic and knowing your limits. It is not hard, and can help you stay smart with your money. If you are living paycheck-to-paycheck and have an empty savings account, budgeting can help you get back on track with your life. Click to learn more, watch videos, and take our quiz!


CreditHaving a good credit score can determine how easy life can be for you in the future. It determines what your rate will be on a loan, whether you have to pay a down payment on something, whether you get a job, and even if someone will marry you. So, what is a good credit score and how do you get one? Click to learn more, watch videos, and take our quiz!




Buying a car is fun, but very expensive. And if you don’t know what you are doing, it can also be very confusing. Buying a vehicle is a huge investment, so a lot of time and research needs to be put in to finding you your perfect car. Click to learn more, watch, videos and take our quiz!




Finding a normal job is hard work, and finding an actual life long career is even harder. In the end though, it is completely worth it. Finding something that you love to do, and making money doing it is everyone’s dream. Here are some tips to help you find a career you will love. Click to learn more.




College is one of the biggest, life changing, and toughest chapters in our life. Many people talk about how great college is; being out on your own for the first time, living with your friends, and going to parties. What they don’t tell you, is how extremely difficult college really is. For four or more years your life is consumed with tests, homework and the looming fear of pop quizzes. Going to college is no joke, and only the serious, most dedicated students make it through. Click to learn more.




Living with your parents can be super annoying. Yes, free dinner and a place to sleep at night is nice, but it is time to leave the nest and spread your wings and fly on your own! So what do you need to do? Moving out is a very long, and very expensive process that takes time. Don’t rush in to it, and remember to always keep your options open. Click to learn more, watch, videos and take our quiz!



Not sure what you should be when you grow up? We've got 4 different suggestions that might help you decide!Click here to take the online quiz.

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