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Moving Out - What Steps to Take

Living with your parents can be super annoying. Yes, free dinner and a place to sleep at night is nice, but it is time to leave the nest and spread your wings and fly on your own! So what do you need to do? Moving out is a very long, and very expensive process that takes time. Don’t rush in to it, and remember to always keep your options open.

First things first, you need to make a budget. Figure out what you can afford, and what you can’t afford, or if you can even afford something at all. Determine all of your monthly expenses and subtract it from your monthly income. Don’t forget to include all of the little stuff, like all the stops you make at Shipley’s before school every morning, those really add up.

Next step, save! No matter where you are moving to you need to save. Moving is very costly, especially if this is your first move. And during this down time you can always do a little online window shopping. Start in one room and think of everything you will need for that one room. Example? Bathroom – Towels, hand towel, shower curtain, shower curtain liner, trash can, soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, rugs, etc.  Then do that for every room. Next you can get online and shop for everything you need, looking for which stores have the best deals. When you find a good deal, write it down. Write down what it is called, the price, and where to find it. This way when Christmas comes around and your family asks what you want, you can just hand them your list! Save the big stuff like your couch, bed and dinning room table for later though.

After you’ve figured out everything you could possibly need while living on your own, you can now search for a place to live. If you are looking for an apartment, check out websites like and Remember to check out reviews on the apartments so you can see what the people already living there think. Usually when an apartment is cheap and looks too good to be true, it probably is. Check out the sample apartment and drive around the entire apartment complex. Sometimes places can look nice up front by the office, but very trashy in the back. Also, don’t rush in to signing a lease. Leasing reps will say and do whatever they can to get you to sign that day, but take some time to think it over. This is a huge step and you don’t want to be stuck somewhere for 6+ months that you don’t like. So ask questions and take your time.

Once you find your perfect home it is time to shop! At this point you have hopefully stocked up on the little stuff that you need, but now it is time to buy the bigger things. You will first need to measure your rooms so you know how big of a couch you can get. You don’t want to be too cluttered. Then shop around for deals until you find something you like!

Moving day can be stressful. So be sure to clear your whole schedule for a couple days so you can get everything settled. If you have some close friends get them to help you. And remember to borrow someone’s truck if you don’t have one. Get all the big stuff like the couch and bed put in first so you have plenty of room to set it all up. Then bring in the little stuff, and last put up your decorations.

Like stated before, moving out can be a hectic, and very long process. So take your time and try not to worry about it too much. As long as you have a place to stay now that is free you should mooch off it as long as possible, but don’t take advantage of it. But when the day comes when you realize it is time to leave, you’ll know what to do!


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