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10 Budgeting Tips For College Students


Create a budget

Whether this is a monthly budget, or a paycheck budget, give yourself a limit! Put aside your savings, gas, food, etc., and have fun with your extra spending money! Don't feel so limited.

Know needs and wants

Do you really NEED those designer shoes, or do you just want them? Set aside weekly for those wants and get your needs right away.

Set up savings/checking accounts

Open separate accounts that you know you wont touch or access to put money into! Having a separate savings for bills or traveling expenses is a good way to keep funds separate and calculate what you really have.

Use Credit Cards

Use but don't abuse your credit cards. Getting a balance on your card and letting it hit your monthly statement is a good way to build your credit for future purposes. Make sure to pay your cards off if not at the end of the month, then as soon as possible. Small credit cards go a long way.


You're a college student, don't overwork yourself, but get a part time job! Having the extra cash will contribute to your savings, bills, and extra spending cash.


Shop smart for textbooks! Use websites like Amazon, Chegg,, and so many more to rent your textbooks. It saves so much money, and you won't have another textbook lying around for the next few years.

Use cash when going out

Take cash when your're going out with friends. Using your debit card makes it so much easier to overspend versus having a cash dollar amount you're limited to and wont regret the next day. 

Coupons-Student ID

Don't be afraid of looking for deals through coupons! Sometimes you can get more for your buck using a coupon. Even showing your student ID will get you a discount at restaurants or your local store. It's usually on you in some way, why not make use out of it!

Cooking not eating out

Cook more at home! The $100 you spend on fast food will get you several meals for a couple of weeks and you have more pocketed. 

Free events

Research free events in your area! Bonfires, Downtown Community Festivals, Park Events, the list is endless of free things to do! 

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