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Goodbye 2021, Hello 2022!

It’s a brand new year, it’s time for a new start and new beginning. A brand new year is like a powerful wave of hope for the future. Let’s start with some positive affirmations:


Earn $50 Now - March

With something for everyone, Shell FCU improves lives through service, lending, financial planning and positive support.


Free iLife Notebook!

Get a free iLife notebook when you come into any of our 11 branches to open up a new account! All you need is $5 for your savings account $1 for the checking!


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Get a Job

Job-sun The Best Summer Jobs for Cash   
With summer approaching, it is time to start thinking about how you are going to afford those vacations with your friends. You have a few options: Click here to read more...

Job-desk Working While in School
Keeping a job during the summer is easy. You have nothing to do, nothing to worry about, which makes going to work not such a hassle. In fact, most people want a summer job just so that they have something to do.  Click here to read more...

Job-resume Building the Perfect Resume
Building a resume takes some effort, but with our tips below we will help you build your perfect resume.  If you want your potential employer to think you are responsible, organized, hard working, and all of those qualities I know you have... Click here to read more...

Job-talk What Not to Say in an Interview
Learn what you should and should not do when interviewing for a job. Don't get turned down because of a few simple mistakes! Click here to watch the video!

Job-hanger Building a Professional Wardrobe
First "real" job? You are probably stressing out about what to wear on the first day. Get some great tips on how you can dress professionally. Click here to watch the video!

Job-opening Job Hunting with Crackers
Friend of iLife, Crackers, takes you on a rollercoaster ride trying to find a job! Click here to watch the video!