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Finding a Leprechaun's Gold

Today is St Patty’s Day! Hopefully you remembered to wear green.  There are many myths out there about St Patrick, leprechauns and especially gold, and all of them are told on this special day.

One in particular is if you spot a rainbow and follow it all the way to the very end, you’ll see a pot of gold! Leprechaun’s are usually around their gold gaurding it. If you catch the leprechaun he has to grant you 3 wishes in order for you to let him go.

Don’t think that this is a get rich quick scheme though, leprechauns are very sneaky little men. They are hard to capture and get away easily. If you blink, even just once, he will disapear and you won’t get your 3 wishes or your gold.

Instead of stealing the leprechaun’s gold, you can invest your own money at Shell Federal Credit Union. They offer savings accounts, Christmas club accounts, IRAs, CDs, and there is even a financial advisor there to help you with any kind of investing that you’d like. So instead of spending your time having a staring contest with a mythical creature, stop by any Shell FCU branch and start saving!

Creating a Job Resume

The first step to finding a good job is to create a good resume. You will need this before you do any kind of job searching. Jobs like when potential future employees attach their own resume along with a job application because it shows that they are going above and beyond everyone else to get the job.

Try to keep your resume short, but informative. Be sure to include the following:
Phone Number
Your email address
Job Objectives
Work History
Skills and Education
Honors, Awards and Activities
Professional Organizations

Helpful Hints:
• Choose an e-mail address that is professional. Don’t use your nickname or a funny word that is like your name.
• Make sure your voicemail recording is appropriate. Employers don’t want to hear a long drawn out funny voicemail of you. It could change their minds of wanting to hire you.
• Be sure to include if you know any other languages. A bilingual person is more likely to get a job than a person who only knows one language.

If you need help creating your resume remember there are tons of resources everywhere. You can get help from the career center at your school, job program counselors, books from your local library or the Internet.

Shopping for a Pet

Everyone loves pets! It’s an unquestionable statement. Dogs, cats, fish, hamsters; everyone loves them. You can’t deny the face of an adorable little puppy. Who could say no to this?



Exactly, no one. But when the time comes for you to finally get your very own pet you need to ask yourself some simple questions. You don’t want to get a pet, fall in love with it, and then realize you can’t handle taking care of an animal. This is a big responsibility. So before you go trotting off to the pet store, ask yourself these questions.

Do you have the money? Pets are expensive! Even a measly little hamster can cost you tons of money. You have to buy the bed/cage, food, food bowl, toys, blanket, treats, vet visits, shots and even buying the pet itself cost a lot of money! And remember to take into account that if you live in an apartment, most places require you to pay a pet deposit and a monthly pet rent for having him/her there. If you want a pet, you need to budget for one!

Do you have the time? Don’t get a pet if you are never home. No pet deserves to be neglected and left in a house all day by him/herself. Animals need love and attention, and if you can’t provide that for them then let someone else.

Do you have the patience?  Like stated above, pets require LOTS of attention; morning, afternoon and night. A new puppy is like a new baby. It will wake you up in the night wanting to play, pee in the bed and chew through the TV cord (a baby wouldn’t do this, but you get the picture). You have to always be watching it to make sure it doesn’t hurt itself or knock anything over. And remember, new pets require training. They aren’t potty trained in one day, so you need to be patient with them.

If you think that you can still get an animal and take care of it the proper way, go for it! Pets are a tremendous amount of work, but they give the best love. Remember that if you are buying a pet online that you meet the pet first before giving any money. There are a lot of scams out today where people send money through the mail and think they are getting a one of a kind top dog breed and the breeder ends up never calling them back, and they are out of their money. So be careful, take your time, and save some money for your cute new addition!

V-Day Cheap Dates

Valentine ’s Day is Monday, and if you don’t have something planned you better start thinking now. It is the one day out of the year dedicated to you and your sweetheart. And even though you are supposed to be sweet to each other every day, this day is especially important. Even if you are tight on money you can still find ways to spend quality romantic time together without breaking your budget.

Take them on a picnic! You miss out on having to wait two hours for a table and paying a fortune for a meal at a nice restaurant. It’s not like you can go to McDonalds for Valentine ’s Day. A picnic is cute, romantic and cheap!

Cook them dinner. This has pretty much the same explanation as above, just minus sitting outside on a blanket. This isn’t as romantic as a picnic, but you never know what the weather might do (especially in Texas). Also a dinner inside gives you the perfect opportunity to show off your cooking skills.

If you must go to a restaurant, go to the restaurant’s website before leaving. Many places offer Valentine’s Day coupons for signing up for their email club or for liking their facebook fan page. Don’t bring a lot of coupons though; you don’t want to look like a cheap-o.

Men, remember to get her flowers (there are coupons for these too online). And women, make your man a card. Don’t let this special day pass by without notice!

Money Smart Quiz

Are you money smart? recently put up a quiz to test yourself on how much you understand about your finances. Take the quiz below and see what score you get!

Everyone should have some sort of knowledge on saving. It is one of the most important factors in growing up and getting prepared for your future. If you ever need advice about money, you can always send your questions to [email protected].